Terry Schiavo: a matter of life and death

It's not right that a Florida judge has been allowing Michael Schiavo to starve and dehydrate his wife to death -- especially with clear conflicts of interest. We've signed this petition asking FL governor Jeb Bush to intervene, and we urge you to consider doing what you can. (Add to this list, "pray".)

Her feeding tube was removed as of Oct. 15, 2003 despite an amicus brief filed by FL Gov. Jeb Bush.

Very good news though, from a source unlooked for: The FL legislature passed a bill on Tuesday Oct. 21 specifically to give Gov. Jeb Bush the authority to order Terri's feeding tube to be reinserted, which he vows to do immediately. After six days of dehydration, we hope Terri's still OK, and we pray this reprieve will not be just a stay of execution but the beginning of rescue. Also, to his credit, Judge Greer denied a motion by Terri's husband to block Gov. Bush's order! And a final piece of good news: the case is finally getting significant media attention; on Oct. 21 it was the top story on Google News.

Gov. Bush deserves credit for having taken on this politically sensitive issue and advocated strongly for Terri.


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